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John started his musical journey at the age of 13 , learning harmonium from his mother. Later escalated to learning keyboard in middle school and also played percussions in his school band back then. After performing at a few local gigs he developed more passion towards music and wanted to get proper training. He Started his schooling from Calcutta school of music where he learned non classical guitar for 3 years and adjacently also took piano lessons.  Later focused mostly on guitar and started performing with various bands and artists in Kolkata. 

Also due to his interest in audio production , he started to learn and produce songs by himself with the help of the internet and practiced for a few years before professionally charging for his services. Parallelly started learning classical guitar and completed his grades. Later with time he started doing recording sessions for eminent artists and also performed live on tours. 


Previous Live associations:


1. Atlas (Metal Band, Kolkata)

2. Paraspathar (Bengali Band, Kolkata)

3. RIGMOB (English cover band, Kolkata)

4. Popcult ( English Pop/funk/disco band, Kolkata)

5. Prachir (Bengali Rock Band)



Current Live Associations :


1. Arijit Singh Live

2. Lakkhichhara Bengali Rock Band

3. The Raghu Dixit Project

4. Nikitha Gandhi Live

5. Jishu and the Retrodictions 

List of artists associated so far

Following are names of all the artists John has been associated with 

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